For a limited time, pick your price and get the entire series, all twelve meditations.

Welcome to the JnP Member Vault

Welcome to the Journey in Principles Member’s vault. My Name is PaulDavid, and I am both excited and grateful that you are here.

This is the Member’s area. It was created as a central hub to access all the content developed from JnP. As this is just the beginning of the Member’s area, future events, meditations, workshops, and any other content that comes out of a Journey in Principles will be added to the vault. So, you will have a one-stop connection to all the tools to help you through your journey.

Just like anything else, “the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.” I encourage you to explore and look around.

“May today be better than yesterday, but hopefully not as good as tomorrow.”


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12 Step Journey in Principles Meditation Series

The first three meditations are Free! And available now.

For a limited time, choose your price point and get the entire series, all twelve meditations.

This is the foundational program behind Journey in Principles. The 12 Steps presented through guided meditations that provide a clear path to self-understanding and self-awakening. Once you've started your journey, you will gain access to a new meditation every seven days. Allowing time for the benefits of each one to be fully adapted to your particular experiences.

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